Friday, August 16, 2013

Studio Makeover Part 2

So, here are some more pics of my studio makeover (sorry about the photo quality, I took all these photos with my phone):

This is the view from my doorway (there are double doors on this room). The table in the foreground is my working table. It is about 6 1/2' x 2'. The tables against the wall are each just around 5' x 2 1/2'. The tables against the wall will be my tool area. I have my Cricut, Cuttlebug and stamp sets set out on these tables. I Have some plastic shelves below each table that can hold my cropper hopper verticle paper holders and then some other random stuff on the shelf above that. I have kept my CTMH cardstock in 2 baskets under the desk for easy access. There are also 2 sets of drawers for these tables. The drawers on the left hold my Cuttlebug folders & dies, Envelopes, Platic bags for my creations, and two drawers at the top that don't have anything in them just yet. The drawers on the right have my Cricut tools, embossing powders/flock/etc., embossing tools (heat gun, tray, etc.), bling & punches.

This picture is from the closet doorway. Since I can't use the window seat as an actual seat, I'm using it for a little book shelf. I have all my Close To My Heart How-To books and a couple of Idea Books sitting there along with some miscellaneous books/binders.

This view is also from the closet side of the room...the back corner looking to the front wall. I have most of my embellishments that are non-CTMH in those 12x12 drawers as well as my glitter, shimmer, specialty type papers. As you can see on my work table, there are drawers on either side of it. The drawers on the right hold tools, adhesive, blocks, adhesive refills, ect... and the bottom drawer hold all my brads (well, most of them anyways LOL). For the drawers on my left, the top drawer holds just misc. stuff like scotch tape, my TV remotes, post it notes, etc. The rest of the drawers on the left are for CTMH embellishments. I have one drawer full of ribbon, shimmer trim, twine & the others have all kinds of other embellishments...and they aren't even full!!! :)

This view is from the window looking towards the closet. I took the closet doors off the day I moved into this home. I knew they would just be in my way & they had to go! I found these zebra print ruffle curtains on Amazon and just thought they would be a perfect touch of fun to the room. I have other zebra accents & my chairs are zebra print too. I've ordered a shorter curtain of the same design for the actual window in my room, it just hasn't arrived yet.
I still need to purchase a 9-drawer tower that matches the drawers on my desk. They will go where the 8 1/2 x 11 drawers are at the end of my tables (by the closet).

In the closet is a lot more paper...mostly themes & holidays. And there are other bins I still need to go through in there. Eventually, I think I'll be installing some shelving in there to make it work better for me, but right now I don't know what that is really, so it can wait.

I also want to install some shelving above my tool tables along the back wall, but haven't decided on those I wait. To fill up that massive wall, I made some fast banners out of cardstock & a touch of zebra print paper. Here are those pictures:



  1. very nice makeover, and don't get discouraged about your not having many blog followers, it takes time. I found that by joining some blog hops and posting fairly regularly, my numbers slowly I am working on generating sales from my blog.

    Another thing that helped boost my group of followers and increased comments was that I turned off "word verification" and changed the "Comment Moderation" setting to ALWAYS and Good luck (and I am now following you)

    1. Thank you for the tips...I have done what you suggested! Thanks for following! :)