Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Craft Room Makeover Part 1

So...I finally decided to bite the bullet and start my craft room makeover. I've had a designated craft space since I was an apartment dweller, but now that I'm in my own home, I wanted to make it feel more "permanent".

I started scrapping/paper crafting about 7 years ago. Of course, my stash of supplies has multiplied in an obscene way in the past 7 years, so my storage solutions have been ever changing.

These first two pictures are from my first apartment, about 2 years into my crafting addiction...I mean hobby. :) I had a corner computer desk I wasn't using for a computer anymore and used a small folding table for additional desktop space (In the 2nd picture, I had moved that small table to the other side of the room). At this point in my crafting career, I'm pretty sure I was just collecting stuff. Not really knowing your crafting style or what you even need...this happens to a lot of new crafters.

Then, when I moved into my 2nd apartment, I had my scrap room in the 2nd bedroom, but after a few months, decided to switch it out with the master bedroom. Here are some pics of that space...I had several arrangements during my time there, and these pics aren't the best (don't know why I took them unless it was to just document the massive mess). But in this pic, I had 2 6' folding tables together in the middle of the room, and most of my stuff was in storage across the back wall or in the closet (not in picture).

This view is from the closet doorway.

This view is from the doorway.

The plus to this room was that it was enough room to scrap with a couple of friends...but I always felt like it was pieced together and not very cute.

Well, when I bought my home in the Spring of 2012, I knew one of the spare bedrooms would be a scrap room and the other would be a guest room/office. The scrap room, which I now refer to as the studio is the bigger of the two, and here's what it looked like empty! There are double doors to this room and a window seat. LOVE the doors, the window seat has been a little frustrating...but we'll get to that later.

I'm going to end this post for now so I can get more pictures together. Stay tuned for part 2 of the makeover! :)

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