Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Christmas in August???

Christmas card creations are in full swing right now in my studio. I really started them a couple of weeks ago, but this past weekend I really started making some progress.

I found this layout on Pinterest and have used it for some other themed cards, but I thought it would be perfect for Christmas cards as well. I went through my extensive stash of Christmas papers (really, it is ridiculous what I've accumulated) and chose some papers with glitter on them. I have selected 3 different paper designs & each one will create 18 cards since I had 3 sheets of each design! By the end of this weekend, I'll have 54 of these cards done! I can not even express to you how excited that makes me!

Here's a look at the first set:

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I will take some better pics once they are all assembled, but I like to do a sample to make sure I like the finished look before I get to involved. You can't really see it on my sample, but the white cardstock is embossed with snowflakes after stamping the sentiment and the background paper has glittered snowflakes. I have a couple of different ribbons I'll be using on this card.

Super simple, easy to do assembly style, flat enough to mail and I feel like I might actually get all the cards made for the holidays early this year...and have some to sell as well!!!

How early do you start your Christmas cards? How many do you attempt to send out each year?

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