Monday, January 9, 2012

Mondays...and Music

I'm not really a fan of Monday. It's always hard to get to bed on Sunday night and because I tend to get to bed later than I should, it's SO hard to get up and going on Monday. (yes, more so than any other weekday)

This Monday, I've found the morning much more tolerable by listening to Jeremy Camp on Spotify. I have always found comfort and peace in listening to music, but even more so since my Dad's passing last April. I listen to the JoyFM (local contemporary Christian) while in the car...I don't think the station has been changed since April 2011 and I find at work that I can find a lot of peace (and many days patience) by listening to various Christian artist.

During Christmas, I was stuck on David Phelps. I'm not usually a big Gaither Vocal Band fan, but he is AMAZING and this is music that reminds me of my childhood. Both of my parents are GVB fans. There's something comforting to me to hear songs that I grew up listening to by familiar artists.

So, today's favorite is Jeremy Camp...particularly "There Will Be A Day", "My Desire", "Jesus Saves"...oh who am I kidding, I don't think he has a song I don't love.

What kind of music brings peace to your soul?

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