Monday, February 18, 2013

Just Make Something!!!

Sometimes I just get stuck. It's not that I don't have ideas of what I want to make, or plenty of supplies to make it happen...I think I just get stuck with the thoughts of "what if it doesn't turn out pretty" or "what if nobody else likes it". I know it's completely irrational. I make cards and other paper things because I enjoy it. I know that every card I make isn't going to be exactly how I envisioned it or something beyond what's the deal???

I just need to make stuff. I do know that the more often I sit down at my table to make something, the more confident I become in the end result. Taking long breaks between creating anything feels like starting all over again to me. Could it be that practice makes perfect...or atleast a little more fabulous?

On Saturday, I finished up a set of cards I started earlier in the week. It felt good...they are cute and I totally stole the design from Pinterest (had the same paper and everything!). Yesterday, I cut all the pieces for another card...another layout I found on Pinterest, but this time using my own paper match ups and tweaking it here and there. It will be my goal to finish those this week & start another set. Just keep crafting...just keep crafting!

So any ways, I hope I have some pics to post soon...I'm determined to keep chipping away at my goal of 600 cards this year! I could make 10x's that with the supplies I already have on's a shame to keep all that beautiful paper stored away!!!

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